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Cybersecurity Consulting Services

A qualified Cyber Security Consultant can help a business identify their specific needs

and develop a comprehensive approach to cyber security.


Enhance your SMB Security with The Nexus-Dragon's Expert Cyber Security Services! Empower your business with an unrivaled cyber security partner. Our experts possess unmatched expertise in safeguarding businesses from digital threats. We tailor our solutions to your unique needs, and we develop comprehensive strategies to ensure your business's security. Partner with The Nexus-Dragon to unlock your business's true potential.

List of Services Offered By The Nexus-Dragon

Ransomware Awareness

  • Understand and mitigate ransomware risks and assess your SMB's response capabilities. Be prepared to defend against ransomware attacks.

Security Risk Assessments

  • Mitigate Reduce risks with our thorough security assessments. We examine your processes, technology, policies, and personnel to identify concerns and provide tailored recommendations.

Security Awareness Training

  • Enhance your SMB's security awareness and train your employees effectively. Our customized training covers crucial topics such as email phishing, social engineering, and password best practices, ensuring your team can spot and respond to security threats with confidence.

Cyber and Physical Security Audits

  • Enhance your SMB's security through Cyber and Physical Security Audits. Our experts provide valuable insights into your IT infrastructure and physical security, identifying vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. This empowers you to proactively strengthen your security measures.

Security Policy and Procedure Development

  • Build a solid cybersecurity foundation for your SMB with our expert guidance in creating and implementing customized security policies and procedures. Our consultants ensure compliance and align your technology usage with industry best practices, ensuring robust protection.


Cyber Security Risk Management

  • Fortify your SMB's cybersecurity with our expert services, prioritizing risk reduction. Our experienced consultants evaluate and prioritize cyber threats, crafting detailed plans to mitigate potential risks. We offer specialized assessments to enhance existing cybersecurity programs, and manage daily operations to ensure your SMB complies with industry-specific regulations, minimizing legal and financial risks.

Cyber Security Due Diligence

  • Enhance Your Cybersecurity Posture for Acquisitions and Hiring Decisions with Our Comprehensive Due Diligence Services. Our expert consultants assess the cybersecurity readiness of potential acquisition targets and job candidates, meticulously reviewing resume policies, practices, and systems to ensure they align seamlessly with your business's stringent security standards.

Cloud/Network Security

  • Ensure your SMB meets strict compliance standards with our expert consultants, providing tailored guidance for regulatory requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS, ensuring your security practices are watertight. Additionally, fortify your business's cloud environment through our specialized cloud security services, offering customized policies and insights for secure cloud computing. Protect your network, servers, and data from unauthorized access with our comprehensive network security solutions, featuring measures like firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, and data encryption.

Other Information Technology Services

  • Comprehensive IT Services: Tailored solutions encompassing hardware and software support, network optimization, and technology consulting to ensure seamless operations and future-proofing for SMBs.

As your partner, the Nexus-Dragon will provided unparalleled expertise, comprehensive services, and customized solutions that bolster your business's Cyber Security. Contact us now and experience the transformative power of a trusted ally.

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