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Paragonwyvern-10 Basic Cyber Operations
Day or Night Classes
In-Person Training or Online Classes

This beginner's Cyber Operations course will give you the foundation to start your journey, as a Cyber Security professional. This class can be taken online live or self-paced. This Live/On-Line course will help the customer gain an understanding of Basic Cyber ops to obtain an entry-level Cybersecurity professional. Not only will you learn the basics of objectives of the CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+), but you will also learn some of the basic Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) needed to start your career.

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Price: $1300.00

  • Voucher add-on $200

  • Discounts available

  • Payment plans available

Class Times:

Lecture Time: 16 hr

Lab Time: 45 hr/Self-paced

Days M-Th Day / Th-Su nights * Can Adjust

Exam prep add-on: 2+ hours

TOTAL Course time: 63 hr

Salary Expectation $38,422 - $58,444


Hands on Labs:

  • IT Fundamentals

  • Cyber Security Fundamentals



  • 1 Free indeed profile

  • 1 Free Resume

Class Outline:


Introduction to a Career in Cybersecurity

Basic Cyber Security Certifications Overview 

Basic Concepts and Terminology 

Basic Infrastructure 

Identifying Security Comp Measures /Labs Overview 5-10 mins



Defend Against Malware

Recognizing/Addressing Social Eng Attack

Use Email Securely 

Use Social Networks Securely 

Use Wireless Devices Securely



Use Secure Authentication Methods

Maintain Physical Security of Devices

Protect Your Data

Basic Applications and Software

Basic Software Development

SIEM Overview



Basic Database Fundamentals

Browse the Web Safely

Use Cloud Services Securely

Work from Remote Locations Securely

Introduction to the MITRE att&ck framework

Introduction to Threat Intelligence



Wrap UP (Same night as Mod4)/Info for resumes

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